Culturewatch is a forum for discussing how Christian themes and values are portrayed in film, television and other art forms. We normally meet in church on the first two Friday evenings of alternate months, from January through to November. At the first session we view a film or TV programme, then a week later we explore the issues raised, in a relaxed environment which encourages free-flowing debate. In recent years our coverage has included hard-hitting feature films (Machine Gun Preacher, Of Gods and Men), humorous TV shows (The Simpsons, The Vicar of Dibley), documentaries (Jesus Camp, Religulous), and philosophical or allegorical presentations (The Truman Show, Babette’s Feast). New members are always welcome. If you are interested in how Christianity is presented in the media, or just enjoy mulling over a good film, why not come along?

For more information, please see our notices in the weekly news-sheets, or email